Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click?

google engage agencyPay Per Click (PPC) is a web-based advertising model where you, the advertiser, pays the search engine when your ad is clicked on by a searcher. A ‘click’ means someone clicked on your ad and came to your website or landing page. You bid on keywords or search term phrases relevant to your target audience.

To see Pay Per Click in action, go to Google or Bing and do a search. When you look at your search results (natural results based on SEO efforts), you will likely see Ads on the top of the page, the right side and the bottom. These ads are Pay Per Click.

One of the key challenges with Pay Per Click advertising is staying on top of it. Your placement can change quickly. Today you might be coming up at the top of the search page, tomorrow you can be at the bottom, or worse… not even on the first page. We can help manage this.

We help companies optimize their Pay Per Click efforts and spending by analyzing search terms, ad copy and pricing strategy.

We help manage pay-per-click campaigns to ensure your ads are continually optimized.

We also consult on website and landing page strategy and optimization to ensure you are taking full advantage of these visitors. If you are paying for people to come to your webpage, you want to make sure you maximizing your return on these visitors. We can help design alternate pages, call to action and conduct landing page A/B testing.

The BIG benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising…

  • You control how much you want to pay per visit.
  • You control how much you spend per day/per week/per month
  • You drive qualified traffic to your website … if your ads are done well

So, whether you are new to Pay Per Click and need someone to setup it up from scratch, or you need someone to help tune up your current Pay Per Click efforts, we can help. Let’s talk.