About Us & Our Commitment to Gym Marketing

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STEELTEAL GYM Marketing is small-business marketing firm specialized in marketing gymnastics and cheer businesses.

STEELTEAL MARKETING was founded by John Schneble, a small-business marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience helping small businesses grow sales. After working with businesses ranging from small start-ups to large national and multi-national businesses, John learned that working with small, local businesses was by far the most impactful and meaningful.

The massive growth and changes in technology has provided small businesses with a unique opportunity… along with some unique challenges. My team is committed to helping our clients overcome these technology challenges and leverage internet technologies to grow their business.

Why are we specialized in Gym Marketing?

We saw a gap in the market and we have the expertise to fill it. Leveraging our years of experience helping small business grow, and our partnership with Jackrabbit Technology, we are able to provide gymnastics businesses with websites that help them market and grow sales.

Passionate about leveraging technology to improve marketing

gym marketing and gym websitesI gained my first marketing contract while in college at Drexel University, providing direct mail services to companies.  I was providing a revolutionary marketing service to small businesses… sort of. I was using an Apple Macintosh computer to mail merge contacts with a form letter and send out marketing letters (it was the late 80’s)… and wow, have times changed.

Today, STEELTEAL GYM MARKETING builds professional, mobile responsive websites for gymnastics and cheer businesses. We help these companies leverage the latest technologies, social marketing and search optimization to grow their business.


STEELTEAL GYM MARKETING has a great relationship with the industry leading (gymnastics) online class management company. Having known Mark Mahoney , the co-founder of Jackrabbit (JackrabbitCLASS, JackrabbitCHEER, JackrabbitDANCE, etc.) since 1999, when I helped develop Jackrabbit’s very first website and provided product marketing services.